Greek Chicken & Dill Pitas

Greek Chicken & Dill Pitas

One of my best friends named Ricki, is part Greek. And she is going to kill me if I don’t get this right. Maybe not kill me, but at least tease me for the next 20 years. We’ve known eachother since the 8th grade and have been best buds ever since! Don’t you love friends like that? I hold my girlfriends near and dear to my heart. They’re my main bitches and I love them to pieces.

I had my first Greek Pita wrap thingy at, The Greek at the Harbor in Ventura Ca, many moons ago. It’s now one of my favorite meals to eat! So after messing around and adjusting ingredients, I’ve found that this tastes exactly like the sauce at The Greek! To us at least. You guys are gonna love this, and it’s healthy! Booya! If you’ve never tried Tzatziki Sauce, then you’re missing out people. And after trying MANY different types of Greek Wraps and Tzatziki Sauces, I found that this recipe not only tastes amazing, but it’s an authentic Tzatziki sauce. (There are several variations of Tzatziki, by different Greek Chefs, bloggers etc…but this is the one that Brett and I prefer)

PLEASE try this recipe at least once people, I swear to all things delicious that it will become a staple in your house as well. It’s so mouth-pleasingly good and easy to throw together! So if you love chicken, garlic, dill and your health, then try my Chicken & Dill Pitas with Tzatziki Sauce! And for the love of god, please leave a comment stating that you are Greek (whether you are or not) and that there is no other possible way to make this dish any better. I must prove myself to Ricki, and prove once and for all that I have an inner Greek. I do damn it.  Click here for the recipe!