Buffalo Chicken Cheese Bites

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Bites from Niki's Sweet Side

Buffalo Chicken again, Niki?? Yes again. Just hush your little faces, because you’re gonna LOVE this recipe. I’m making these on Super Bowl Sunday y’all! As you can tell by my photo, these Buffalo Chicken Cheese Bites look fantastic. Holy guacamole Batman, I could eat an entire batch of these to myself. Actually, I’ve eaten half a batch to myself, not gonna lie. I’m a self-proclaimed “chicken whore”, and have no problem admitting it. I’ve had this recipe, like many others, for a long time now. And I knew I had to share it someday, so here is my “game day” contribution.

These are friggin’ sweet because you can use any type of chicken. Leftover chicken, white meat, dark meat…anything goes! So if you think you can mix some chicken with the buffalo sauce, sprinkle in some cheese, roll them into balls, and toss them in some bread crumbs for a golden crispy crunch, well then you’ve got yourself some “man food”, son!

They’re seriously PERFECT for game day. Come onnn Super Bowl food! Holy crap, I love “man food”. I literally wait for Super Bowl Sunday all year long, just so I can eat my weight in nachos, chips & salsa, and buffalo everything.

 We’ve had these little dudes as a meal, along with fries, or just as a quick snack. They’re perfectly suitable for consumption at ANY time. But what better appetizer for the game day can you think of? I can’t think of one. They take just minutes to make, and you’ll swear they came out of a restaurant. Now I suggest you run along, go grab a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and make some of these Buffalo Chicken Cheese Bites, STAT! ENJOY, my friends! Muah! Click here for the recipe!


2 thoughts on “Buffalo Chicken Cheese Bites

  1. Yummo! These sound heavenly…going to try for sure! Niki, do you have the plug-in “Comment Reply Notification”? Just wondering because when you comment back to people they’ll get an email seeing what you said. I know you comment back but I don’t get anything telling me you do. Just a little tidbit of info. I wished someone would’ve shared with me earlier! Hope all is well in Cali……it’s freezing cold here! 😦

    • Hi friend! No I don’t have the plug-in 😦 It’s weird, when I picked this “theme” for WordPress, apparently I didn’t think it through. Because there’s a lot of you have the “Plug-in” section on the dash in the upper left, I do not 😦 I researched it a little, and it says it’s because of my theme that I chose? And to redo a theme is a TON of work as you know lol. Sooo I don’t have any plug-ins LMAO!! 😉 Everything is going great here! Super busy with cake orders and lots of sunshine 😀 I hope you guys start to warm up soon!! ❤ And let me know if you make these! The kiddos and hubs would LOVE them. And they're beyond easy! I know you don't like too much spice, so you could reduce the Frank's a little, and add a dash more ranch 😉 You'd love them!

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