Frozen Snickers Torte

Frozen Snickers Torte from Niki's Sweet Side

O.M.G. I may have just made my new favorite dessert. I know some of you don’t like marshmallow, and detest it even. How I do not know, but I myself love it! And this Frozen Snickers Torte has exactly that. To start, it has a chocolate cookie crust, then it’s filled to the brim with a vanilla ice cream and marshmallow mixture. And finally topped with chopped peanuts and caramel…YUM-O!

I know some of you are thinking, “Wow, it’s a little cold for ice cream yet Niki”. One thing about me folks, I LOVE ice cream. It’s my favorite type of dessert. I eat it year round and don’t care if I’m freezing my arse off while eating it. So with that said, you guys should make this super easy and super scrumptious Frozen Snickers Torte! I promise that you won’t be disappointed! Click here for the recipe!

PS- I’d like to thank all of you who entered my Give-Back Giveaway! It was a great success, many entered and the winner was very grateful and deserving! She has 3 kiddos, so the baking goodies will be put to good use in her house! I see many cupcakes in Carley F’s future! Congrats again, Carley!


7 thoughts on “Frozen Snickers Torte

  1. This looks good enough to risk freezing one’s arse off to eat, Nikki! Frozen candy bars are often better than room temp. and combined with ice cream….yum!
    Please check the link to the recipe and see if it works for you. I couldn’t get it to connect and I want the directions! 🙂

    • Oh no! Really? It works for me. Hmm let me know if you try it again and if it still doesn’t work 😦 Because I’d LOVE for you to make this! It’s so incredibly easy and it’s seriously in my top 3 favorite desserts now! I hope something isn’t wrong with the page 😦

      • Niki, I just tried it on Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer. On all three when I click on “click here for recipe” it just brings me back to this page. I have never had that happen before with your blog so I don’t think it is me. How odd that it works for you and I not for me. It could just be the universe reminding me that I wanted to eat salad not ice cream until I fit comfortable back in my jeans! 🙂

      • Holy guacamole! I don’t know what happened but my pages didn’t post all the way, but they were still visible to you guys? So weird, I’ve never had that happen either! Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience girl! And even though you’re working on your diet, I still think you should make this 😉 Since it’s kept in the freezer, you don’t have to eat it all at once! Just little slivers when you get a craving. That’s what I do 😀 We have to treat ourselves at some point 😉 wink wink,nudge nudge…lol. Oh and let me know when you can, if the link is working for you, you have to make this. At least save it for sometime in the future! By future I mean this weekend 😉

      • Its working! Niki, I hope you know I wasn’t complaining or inconvenienced. I just didn’t want anyone to miss one of your fabulous recipes (myself included in the anyone)!! If we don’t let each other know about technology glitches how can we fix them?
        This recipe was pinned the moment I saw it. 🙂 No worries. I don’t believe in deprivation, only moderation. 🙂 This weekend seems like a perfect opportunity to put my moderation beliefs into practice. 🙂

      • Oh no of course not lol! I’m SOOO glad that you told me actually. Thank you lol! I’m surprised that none of my followers said a word! Thanks guys! 😉 And I still have no clue why it did that, but at least we got it up and running 😉 Let me know if you get to make it, omg I love it so much!

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