Give-Back Giveaway!

Give Back Giveaway from Niki's Sweet Side!

HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE!!! I’m feeling super “givey” right now as my friend Jenni would say, so here we go with the giveaway that I had promised you folks! I picked out some fabulous little gifts that I either use myself, or fell in love with while shopping. The gift box that I put together is filled with goodies for bakers of all types. From beginner bakers to advanced bakers, I think anyone would be stoked to get this box!

I’ve included my all time favorite “Spoonula” by Giada. I love my Spoonula! Clearly it’s a spoon and spatula combined. But it’s something that I use everyday when I’m baking or making cakes, so I wanted one of you to have one too! I also threw in an awesome Nordicware silicone baking mat, tons of cute cupcake liners, edible candy decorations, Wilton sprinkles in 4 different colors, 3 gorgeous votive candle holders …not for baking, but I thought they were pretty! Oh and my favorite paper straws from Sweet & Treats Boutique because they’re just fun! Thank you guys again for such a wonderful first year here at Niki’s Sweet Side, let’s make 2014 even better!! GOOD LUCK!!

*GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED* This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian followers only. Giveaway will run from 1/3/2014 – 1/6/2014. Giveaway is NOT open to followers living in Tulare County, Ca. My apologies to my international followers, but at some point I’ll have a giveaway for ALL of my followers to make up for it. And I will be holding another giveaway for the folks who live in Tulare County, Ca. 😉

Click the pink “Give-Back Giveaway” link below to enter!

Give Back Giveaway


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