{Guest Post} DIY Cake Stands by SohoSonnet Creative Living!

DIY Cake Stand by SohoSonnet

Did you guys miss me? Lol! I know I said I probably wouldn’t post again, I lied again. Damn I’ve lied twice in two weeks! Sorry peeps, but this is a post that can’t be put on the back burner!

It’s a guest post by my awesome friend, Sonnet from SohoSonnet Creative Living! She’s started a new blog, and she’s going to share with us “How to make DIY Cake Stands”! Perfect for moi the cake girl, yourself, or it would be and even better last minute Christmas gift! That fancy gold stand looks pre-fab right? Nope! Sonnet worked her craft magic and voila! Gorgeous cake stand for $2! Yes.

Sonnet and I go way back, like Jr. High School “way back”. She’s an amazing and unique chick, one of the most creative people that I know, and a fabulous new-ish mama! You’ll see her lil’ Mini Me, Ms. Scarlett in the photos. She’s adorable! Ok you guys, click here to check out the DIY Cake Stand from SohoSonnet! ENJOY and don’t forget to hit up her blog for more ideas and sign up for her weekly newsletter!


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