Buffalo Chicken Cheese Bites

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Bites from Niki's Sweet Side

Buffalo Chicken again, Niki?? Yes again. Just hush your little faces, because you’re gonna LOVE this recipe. I’m making these on Super Bowl Sunday y’all! As you can tell by my photo, these Buffalo Chicken Cheese Bites look fantastic. Holy guacamole Batman, I could eat an entire batch of these to myself. Actually, I’ve eaten half a batch to myself, not gonna lie. I’m a self-proclaimed “chicken whore”, and have no problem admitting it. I’ve had this recipe, like many others, for a long time now. And I knew I had to share it someday, so here is my “game day” contribution.

These are friggin’ sweet because you can use any type of chicken. Leftover chicken, white meat, dark meat…anything goes! So if you think you can mix some chicken with the buffalo sauce, sprinkle in some cheese, roll them into balls, and toss them in some bread crumbs for a golden crispy crunch, well then you’ve got yourself some “man food”, son!

They’re seriously PERFECT for game day. Come onnn Super Bowl food! Holy crap, I love “man food”. I literally wait for Super Bowl Sunday all year long, just so I can eat my weight in nachos, chips & salsa, and buffalo everything.

 We’ve had these little dudes as a meal, along with fries, or just as a quick snack. They’re perfectly suitable for consumption at ANY time. But what better appetizer for the game day can you think of? I can’t think of one. They take just minutes to make, and you’ll swear they came out of a restaurant. Now I suggest you run along, go grab a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and make some of these Buffalo Chicken Cheese Bites, STAT! ENJOY, my friends! Muah! Click here for the recipe!

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

I don’t know about you guys, but my taste buds seem to friggin’ LOVE the combo of Buffalo Sauce and Chicken! So I threw exactly that together, and made some Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches! I also added a little ranch, fresh ground black pepper, a slice of melted cheese and OMG.

Have you guys ever had the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich from Applebee’s? That my favorite sandwich, ever. And these come damn close! So without further ado, I suggest you run… not walk to make these! Actually they practically make themselves because they’re made in your Slow Cooker! Holla! Oh and these would be bomb for game day! Click here for the easy recipe! 

Frozen Snickers Torte

Frozen Snickers Torte from Niki's Sweet Side

O.M.G. I may have just made my new favorite dessert. I know some of you don’t like marshmallow, and detest it even. How I do not know, but I myself love it! And this Frozen Snickers Torte has exactly that. To start, it has a chocolate cookie crust, then it’s filled to the brim with a vanilla ice cream and marshmallow mixture. And finally topped with chopped peanuts and caramel…YUM-O!

I know some of you are thinking, “Wow, it’s a little cold for ice cream yet Niki”. One thing about me folks, I LOVE ice cream. It’s my favorite type of dessert. I eat it year round and don’t care if I’m freezing my arse off while eating it. So with that said, you guys should make this super easy and super scrumptious Frozen Snickers Torte! I promise that you won’t be disappointed! Click here for the recipe!

PS- I’d like to thank all of you who entered my Give-Back Giveaway! It was a great success, many entered and the winner was very grateful and deserving! She has 3 kiddos, so the baking goodies will be put to good use in her house! I see many cupcakes in Carley F’s future! Congrats again, Carley!

Greek Chicken & Dill Pitas

Greek Chicken & Dill Pitas

One of my best friends named Ricki, is part Greek. And she is going to kill me if I don’t get this right. Maybe not kill me, but at least tease me for the next 20 years. We’ve known eachother since the 8th grade and have been best buds ever since! Don’t you love friends like that? I hold my girlfriends near and dear to my heart. They’re my main bitches and I love them to pieces.

I had my first Greek Pita wrap thingy at, The Greek at the Harbor in Ventura Ca, many moons ago. It’s now one of my favorite meals to eat! So after messing around and adjusting ingredients, I’ve found that this tastes exactly like the sauce at The Greek! To us at least. You guys are gonna love this, and it’s healthy! Booya! If you’ve never tried Tzatziki Sauce, then you’re missing out people. And after trying MANY different types of Greek Wraps and Tzatziki Sauces, I found that this recipe not only tastes amazing, but it’s an authentic Tzatziki sauce. (There are several variations of Tzatziki, by different Greek Chefs, bloggers etc…but this is the one that Brett and I prefer)

PLEASE try this recipe at least once people, I swear to all things delicious that it will become a staple in your house as well. It’s so mouth-pleasingly good and easy to throw together! So if you love chicken, garlic, dill and your health, then try my Chicken & Dill Pitas with Tzatziki Sauce! And for the love of god, please leave a comment stating that you are Greek (whether you are or not) and that there is no other possible way to make this dish any better. I must prove myself to Ricki, and prove once and for all that I have an inner Greek. I do damn it.  Click here for the recipe!

Give-Back Giveaway!

Give Back Giveaway from Niki's Sweet Side!

HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE!!! I’m feeling super “givey” right now as my friend Jenni would say, so here we go with the giveaway that I had promised you folks! I picked out some fabulous little gifts that I either use myself, or fell in love with while shopping. The gift box that I put together is filled with goodies for bakers of all types. From beginner bakers to advanced bakers, I think anyone would be stoked to get this box!

I’ve included my all time favorite “Spoonula” by Giada. I love my Spoonula! Clearly it’s a spoon and spatula combined. But it’s something that I use everyday when I’m baking or making cakes, so I wanted one of you to have one too! I also threw in an awesome Nordicware silicone baking mat, tons of cute cupcake liners, edible candy decorations, Wilton sprinkles in 4 different colors, 3 gorgeous votive candle holders …not for baking, but I thought they were pretty! Oh and my favorite paper straws from Sweet & Treats Boutique because they’re just fun! Thank you guys again for such a wonderful first year here at Niki’s Sweet Side, let’s make 2014 even better!! GOOD LUCK!!

*GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED* This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian followers only. Giveaway will run from 1/3/2014 – 1/6/2014. Giveaway is NOT open to followers living in Tulare County, Ca. My apologies to my international followers, but at some point I’ll have a giveaway for ALL of my followers to make up for it. And I will be holding another giveaway for the folks who live in Tulare County, Ca. 😉

Click the pink “Give-Back Giveaway” link below to enter!

Give Back Giveaway

Vanilla Bean Shortbread

Vanilla Bean Shortbread

Hola mi amigos!! I’ve missed you guys! I had a fabulous little Christmas at home with Brett, my brother, his family, my Mom and our fur babies. It was great to relax and eat. Eat. Then eat some more. Phew, there was too much food. I actually live in my yoga pants now. And I don’t feel guilty in the slightest. It was all worth it. Every last bite. And this pretty little Vanilla Bean Shortbread made an appearance. Oh Vanilla Bean Shortbread, how I heart you.

I found the recipe for this a while back on Cooking Light, and tucked it away for a special occasion. I know that my family drinks a lot of coffee, so besides the Puff Pastry Cinnamon Rolls that I made, I thought this Vanilla Bean Shortbread would be amazeballs with our coffee too.

And it was. Emphasis on was. It’s long gone folks. But I think you guys should make some of these sweet little dudes, like now. The vanilla bean is scrumptious and mellow, and the cookie part just melts in your mouth. If you know a coffee drinker that loves a sweet little snack in the morning with their beverage, then you should show them how much you love them and whip some of these up! They’re a cinch to make you guys. Make em’!

Oh and I hope that all of you also had a happy and safe holiday, because you guys are awesome. I’m sure all of you had a wonderful time with your loved ones, but if you stayed home and drank too much egg nog all by yourself, well then that’s cool too. Whatever tickles your pickle, man. I’m not judging here. However, I do hope that everyone has a fantastic New Year. I think we’re in store for one hell of a year you guys, and I’m so thankful that you’ll be sharing it with me! Next time I talk to you guys, it will be 2014…holy crap.

 OMG wait! I almost forgot! I had my “Blog-iversary” while we were all away! December 27th marked the first year of Niki’s Sweet Side. I cried. Not gonna lie. I love you all so much, and your support has been overwhelming. All of you mean the world to me, and I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to know a lot of you. You guys rock. And to show my appreciation, I will be hosting 2 giveaways in January! One will be for the Porterville Ca locals, and it will be a free cake made by yours truly, of course. The other giveaway is still undecided right now. I’m trying to figure out what to buy for those of you that are not in my area, but it will be awesome. Also, the second giveaway will be open to U.S. and Canadian residents this time, instead of just the U.S., so yay!

And I will keep y’all updated as to when and where you can enter to win. I love giveaways! You guys gotta promise me that you’ll make this Vanilla Bean Shortbread though, it’s really delicious and yummy. So go check it out would ya? Oh and anticipate some lighter recipes from me. I’m still gonna throw in the usual horrible-but-delicious desserts, but I’m working on some lighter recipes so we don’t completely explode some day.

 Click here to get the recipe!

{Guest Post} DIY Cake Stands by SohoSonnet Creative Living!

DIY Cake Stand by SohoSonnet

Did you guys miss me? Lol! I know I said I probably wouldn’t post again, I lied again. Damn I’ve lied twice in two weeks! Sorry peeps, but this is a post that can’t be put on the back burner!

It’s a guest post by my awesome friend, Sonnet from SohoSonnet Creative Living! She’s started a new blog, and she’s going to share with us “How to make DIY Cake Stands”! Perfect for moi the cake girl, yourself, or it would be and even better last minute Christmas gift! That fancy gold stand looks pre-fab right? Nope! Sonnet worked her craft magic and voila! Gorgeous cake stand for $2! Yes.

Sonnet and I go way back, like Jr. High School “way back”. She’s an amazing and unique chick, one of the most creative people that I know, and a fabulous new-ish mama! You’ll see her lil’ Mini Me, Ms. Scarlett in the photos. She’s adorable! Ok you guys, click here to check out the DIY Cake Stand from SohoSonnet! ENJOY and don’t forget to hit up her blog for more ideas and sign up for her weekly newsletter!

Puff Pastry Cinnamon Rolls

Puff Pastry Cinnamon Rolls

We’re hereeeee!! Our last post before Christmas! I’m unsure if I’m going to be able to post next Tuesday, so I decided to post this Puff Pastry Cinnamon Roll recipe today! Instead of a candy or cookie recipe, I thought I’d change it up a bit and share a simple yet scrumptious recipe for Christmas Eve brunch, or Christmas morning! Holla!

These little beauties are not only golden and gorgeous, but from start to finish, they’re ready in about 35 minutes. Perfecto. These flaky/buttery rolls are packed with a cinnamon-sugar mixture and fresh chopped OPTIONAL nuts, ahem. I’ve also included a cream cheese icing recipe, in case you want to drizzle these bad boys.

I created this recipe yesterday when I didn’t know what to do with some puff pastry that I had bought. And to my amazement, they were light years better than I had hoped! So good in fact, that these rolls are what I’ll be baking for Brett and the fur babies on Christmas Eve! Yes my fur babies occasionally get some of my baked goods. And just a tiny bit, so don’t go calling PETA on me, snitches get stitches!

I know you want to check out the recipe already, so why don’t you head on over and see just how easy these are to make! Oh and like I said, there’s a possibility of me posting next week, but in case I don’t….I’d like to say from our family to yours, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! May all of you have a fabulous and safe holiday, eat until your hearts are content, and be good to one another! Thank you for an AMAZING year here at Niki’s Sweet Side, I’m so grateful to have each and every one of you here with me! You’re the greatest! Merry Christmas everyone! Love you guys!! 😀

Click here for the Puff Pastry Cinnamon Rolls!


White Chocolate Lemon Bark

White Chocolate Lemon Bark

Remember when I said that the Toffee recipes were the easiest ever? I lied. I totally forgot about this White Chocolate Lemon Bark recipe! My bad. This is an awesome recipe for a last minute gift, or to bring to a Christmas party! It literally takes less than 10 minutes to make, and about 30 minutes from start to finish! And I think it’s really pretty, and adds a nice contrast to your holiday trays, right? Right. Have you peeps ever had the luxury of trying White Chocolate and Lemon together? Wow. It’s a match made in sugar heaven. The creaminess of the white chocolate, and the slight tang of lemon together? The eagle has landed, folks. And I highly suggest that you try this combo.

So if you’ve already made all the other chocolate-y, caramel-y recipes, and need something a little different for your holiday trays, try this White Chocolate Lemon Bark! It’s inexpensive to make, delicious and beautiful! Now go make it. Shoo! Go! Click here for White Chocolate Lemon Bark!

Snow Covered Toffee Grahams

Snow Covered Toffee Grahams

You’ve heard of “Makin’ it rain”, I’m gonna make it SNOW up this beezee! Whoa Niki, easy. Sorry, but I love these “snowy” little dudes! And for those of you that noticed, I accidentally posted on Monday morning instead of the usual Tuesday morning. And quite frankly it’s thrown off my whole week. So here I am on Wednesday at 7am, sharing another post to feel “balanced”. My O.C.D. may or may not have gotten worse this year. Thanks Dad, for passing on your anal retentive ways as well. Moving on.

So. I’ve noticed some of you have allergies to nuts and aren’t enjoying my recipes. To that I say, “Go piss up a-“. Just kidding, I love you guys and it bugs me that some of you feel left out. And if you tell anyone that I have a heart and really care about people’s feelings, then you’re outta my club.

Also, I will try and include more nut-less recipes in my holiday baking extravaganza. Or at least options. But the thing is, none of us have an allergy to any foods in my house. Nuts are really good for you, and they’re delicious. And I have a really hard time coming up holiday recipes without them. But for those of you with a nut affliction, don’t forget that you can almost ALWAYS just leave the nuts out of these recipes! Try substituting graham cracker, I’ve heard pretzel, or different cereals (Rice Krispies, Chex) etc for some crunch.

So I decided to basically pour my Easy English Toffee Recipe on top of some honey graham crackers and see if it stuck, literally. They did, and they are DELICIOUS. These are going on the holiday trays folks.

And I must thank you nut-less wonders, for opening my eyes to things other than nuts. I do have more recipes coming out with nuts, just so you know. But just remember to leave them out, or substitute something crunchy. It doesn’t mean you can’t make the recipe! And just a note, I didn’t start loving nuts until I was about 28, so I know you can make these recipes without nuts and have them still be divine. HAHA, I just remembered that I said “Nut Affliction” earlier in this post. (I’m pretty sure that I have A.D.D. too) I am awesome. If you just embrace my weirdness, I’m a lot funnier and easier to love. 😉  Ok onto the Snow Covered Toffee Grahams! ENJOY, my friends!